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Low Vision

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What is low vision

Low Vision Products

Accessibility Tips for Apple/ iOS

What is low vision


Low vision occurs when you have reduced vision or a vision impairment which cannot be improved with conventional glasses, contact lenses, surgery and medication. This can occur if you have an eye disease (such as macula degeneration or glaucoma) or through trauma.


At Visique Frith and Laird, we have optometrists that specialises in low vision and work on maximising your current vision through the use of:


- Magnification

- Lighting and Contrast

- Glare Minimisation

- Non-Optical Devices


Low Vision Products



We have a wide range of low vision aids including high powered lenses, selection of illuminated magnifying glass, magnifiers with ergonomic handles, 'paperweight' magnifiers, distance monoculars for board or signs or general mobility, CCTVs and enlargement software.



We are always here for backup and service



If you are having trouble with spectacles, a low vision aid or task lighting, please come to see us and get it sorted


If needed, we can refer you to additional services such as the Blind Low Vision NZ, Macula Degeneration NZ and Glaucoma NZ.




Low Vision Accessibility Tips For Apple/ iOS




A range of low vision features are built into Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch allowing someone with low vision greater access to technology and help them achieve their goals.



These features include: zoom/ magnifier, larger/ bolder text, invert colours, increase contrast and speech.



Most of these settings can be accessed under:


Settings > General > Accessibility





To enable Zoom, use three fingers and double-tap the screen.



To increase the level of Zoom, use three fingers to double-tap and hold, then move your fingers up or down on the screen to increase or decrease magnification.


Zoom in on text and images



Zoom allows you to magnify the screen up to 1,500% and works wherever you are in iOS, from Mail and Safari to the Home and Lock screens.



You can choose between full screen or picture in picture mode, allowing you to see the zoomed area in a separate window while keeping the rest of the screen at its native size.



Increase Contrast



You can increase the contrast on some backgrounds to improve legibility. This feature allows you to reduce the transparency, darken colours, and reduce white point.



Invert Colours



On your device, you can invert the colours or even enable greyscale. With certain eye conditions (such as macula degeneration), by inverting the colours it can make it easier and more comfortable to see.






VoiceOver is a screen reader where you can hear a description of what is happening on the screen, from what the button does to your battery level.



Speech: Speak Selection, Speak Screen, Speak Auto-text



This feature allows the device to speak text out loud.







Providing you with individual solutions for your low vision needs in Manurewa, Manukau City and South Auckland.
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