Sports Vision

Improve your performance through sports vision


What is Sports Vision?

Sports vision focuses on increasing an athlete’s performance by maximising their visual potential.

This includes basic sports vision/ vision screening to more advanced sports vision with vision training activities.

Basic Sports Vision/ Vision screening

Basic sports vision involves vision correction with glasses or contact lenses and performance eyewear. A sports vision screening is an easy and effective way to see if the athletes on the team have adequate vision for their sport or position.

Advanced Sports Vision Training

Different sports and positions have different visual demands. A specific training programme will be tailored a plan based on your sport and needs.

Advanced sports vision training involves regular sessions to train your visual system and exercises you can do at home.

Advanced sports vision training assesses and trains an athlete’s:

  • Central vision

  • Peripheral vision

  • Dynamic visual acuity/ Eye tracking

  • Hand-eye-body coordination

  • Depth perception

  • Visualisation

We have the latest technology including the SVT unit used to increase hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

We are also excited to be one of the first sports vision practices in New Zealand to have access to the Senaptec Strobe Glasses. These high performance glasses are used to assist in your vision training giving you quicker and more accurate reaction times.

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Funding Options

If you are a HPSNZ carded athlete and have the optical cover upgrade on your medical insurance plan, your appointments can be partially covered by the policy.

Funding grants may also be available through HPSNZ or your sporting body.

We are also Southern Cross Easy-Claim approved and your appointments can be partially covered if your policy has optical cover.

Sports Vision at Frith & Laird

Robert is our sports vision specialist. He completed his Masters degree in sports vision has lectured and published papers in peer-reviewed journals on sports vision. He has worked with national bodies and professional sports franchises.

He is also High Performance Sports NZ (HPSNZ) approved for reactive services.

Robert is involved in sports vision research at the University of Auckland. If you have any interest in participating in his current and future research studies, please contact him.